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Marion Maule (UK) and Fransje Hovinga-van Eijsden (Holland) inspecting some of Anne-Marie's fans.

Helen Akitt (UK, centre) ran big part of the show


David Ranftl (Germany)

Jannie Polak (Holland), curator of the Felix Ttal fan collection

Fan Circle International AGM in Düsseldorf
16 May 2009

The FCI held its AGM this year in Düsseldorf, offering its members a unique four-days excursion of the German fan landscape. Saturday was dedicated to 3 lectures on fans, held by Thomas de Leo who gave an in-depth sight into Chinese export fans, Rose von Aprath who showed impressive examples of fan restauration, and David Ranftl who presented his collector's choice revealing the secrets of some of his fans. The event attracted more than 50 FCI members from the UK, USA, France, Italy, Holland, New Zealand, Belgium, Switzerland and, ofr course, Germany. Great fun was the fan auction for the benefit of the FCI that raised more than 1500 EURO. Below a small selection of images to get an impression of the reunion.

View on the room of the AGM and its attendance

Rose von Aprath's restored fan

Detail of the above fan. Tthe green-blue glittering parts are 0.1 mm thin glass rods re-made specifically for this fan restauration

Fan auction held for the benefit of the FCI



Cynthia Fendel (USA) and Corinne Bernabei-Kraft (Italy) in the sale room

Precious fans were for sale - and found quickly new homes

Maryse Volet (Switzerland), patron of the FCI


From left to right: Pierre-Henri Biger (France), Lucie Saboudjan (France), Blaise Volet (Switzerland)


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