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The rapt of Europe on an early ivory brisé fan

An interesting selection of advertising fans

A very rare "Tanzmeistergeige" (Dancing master violin) cum fan, 18 c.

Fan Exhibition in the Puppenhausmuseum Basel
Maryse Volet's collection
Running until 5 April 2010

The Doll's House Museum in Basel, Switzerland, exhibits 200 fans of Maryse Volet's marvellous collection. Thematic vitrinae show fan highlights from 4 centuries. For those who will not be able to visit the exhibition, here some glimpses of it.

A room with a view

Maryse Volet

Fashion and feathers

Contemporary fan - not only for pianists

A "Zarafa" fan

Top centre: A patented child's umbrella with a doll that lifts its arms and two fans appear (in red); in front, a brisé fan carved by Bastard.


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